We are Angelus Funding

Our core belief is that a great idea will always find funding, even during challenging economic times.

Members are professionals from the financial, technology, medical and legal industries, providing a uniquely diverse investor base.  This group is able to evaluate a broad range of opportunities across multiple disciplines and can leverage the expertise of other members within the network.

We are interested in start-up and early stage opportunities in technology, energy, as well as other sectors.  Target investment size is between $100,000 to $750,000.  Meetings will be conducted monthly to evaluate potential transactions.

Angelus Funding is not a fund. Each member makes their own investment decisions based on their analysis of individual investment opportunities.
Our Four Pillars of Investing

Entrepreneurs invariably ask angel investors what we look for and what our criteria are for investments. We look for companies which will return a profit to our investment. Since the vast majority of opportunities are pre-revenue (a nice way of saying they don’t have any sales yet), we go on to explain that investors look for ideas which resonate with them from a personal or professional perspective. Fancy financial projections don’t mean much if the investor cannot relate to the idea simply from 30,000 feet.

It is helpful for entrepreneurs to understand the framework on how we evaluate opportunities; we refer to it as our Four Pillars of Investing:

  1. What is the market you are addressing?
  2. What product or service do you have to address this market?
  3. Do you have a business plan which explains how you will acquire clients, produce the product or service, and build out the infrastructure of the company – to produce the product or service to address the market and make money?
  4. Is this the team which can successfully execute the business plan (or pivot as necessary) -to produce the product or service to address the market?

Every question which comes up in the due diligence process will fall within one of the pillars above.

Most presentations explain a very broad market from which they can potentially make a lot of money. For example, if you can produce clean water cheaply, every person on the planet is a prospective client. The more challenging questions for entrepreneurs to consider are:

  • What existing business is the opportunity disrupting or improving upon?
  • If it is a new product or service category, what makes it a “must have” vs. a “nice to have”?
  • What change in behavior does the product or service require and is the value proposition sufficient to warrant such a change?
  • How do you get the word out about the business to prospective customers?

We look for entrepreneurs who are building profitable businesses, as too often we see people more focused on building exit strategies. Of course we seek great exits, but the best opportunities our group have to be based on great businesses.

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