OneVision partners with professional smart-home installers to modernize their businesses and build recurring revenue from their clients (homeowners). They provide white-label 24/7 support directly to homeowners and leverage the local professional's brand and resources to create a support experience that fully-integrated smart-home owners are willing to pay for. Prior to launching OneVision, their CEO  Joseph Kolchinsky was a smart-home installer himself for many years and focused on developing recurring revenue services with my clients in Boston for almost a decade. In 2016 he built a platform to solve the problem of meeting the increasing demand for support that in turn enables these professionals to build profitable recurring revenue from their services. He is available to any of the interested angels who would like to learn more. Additionally, one of their advisors (Martin Plaehn, CEO of Control4 - a smart-home product manufacturer; public company CTRL) has offered to make himself available as a reference or sounding board if the group is interested in that.

To view the presentation deck, please click this link: It prompts you for your email address which will be shared with their CEO, but will not be used for any outreach.

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